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Quake2 Levels
d/load size description
tig_pit.zip 74kb RAILGUN Practice - Railguns, slugs, bots and a Medikit. All this is a small open space with only a few pillars to hide behind. Worked with 'rockape' to get the balance and layout just right. screenshots - readme.txt
tigkill.zip 194kb DEATHMATCH (duel level) - Made from the start as a duel only level. Heaps of time working with Happy |{illmore *tweaking* items to get just the right balance. Came 3rd in the Impulse98 map comp. screenshots - readme.txt
tigsure2.zip 236kb DEATHMATCH - Sized for good, fast 3 to 4 player DM games. Plays well as a duel map too. Similar style to tigacid2. screenshots - readme.txt
tigacid2.zip 169kb DEATHMATCH - Very fast DM level with a bit of acid. Good for 1 on 1 hunts. screenshots - readme.txt
tigagor2.zip 287kb DEATHMATCH - dm2 inspired yet nothing like it. Sized for 4 or so people. screenshots - readme.txt
tigq201.zip 604kb DEATHMATCH/SINGLE PLAYER - A small Single Player level that doubles as a DM. I think this was my first Quake 2 level. screenshots - readme.txt
tigsex.zip 5.3meg CINEMATIC (cut-scene) - A Quake2 .cin file which should have a 'Over 18' rating (maybe :]) - readme.txt

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