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Quake Levels
d/load size description
tigca02.zip 299kb CLAN ARENA - Fast paced Clan Arena level with lots of air time. Suits 4 to 8 people. - a short demo of some of the r/jumps (you need the map 1st) - screen shots - text file
tigkeep.zip 245kb DEATHMATCH - e1m2 textures in a map with curves, good for 1 on 1 and small FFA screenshots - text file
tigsure.zip 313kb DEATHMATCH - Another fast dm level, made just after 'Acid' and in a similar style. Good for 1 on 1 and small FFA screenshots - text file
tigacid.zip 183kb DEATHMATCH - Very fast dm level, with a bit of acid around the edges, good for 1 on 1. screenshots - text file
tigagor.zip 318kb DEATHMATCH - dm2 inspired, yet nothing like it :] screenshots - text file
tigrapak.zip 1meg ROCKET ARENA PAK - All 5 of my RA levels in one pak file. No screen shots, trust me, if you like RA, you are going to love these, nothing but great feedback from this pak, even got a mention on Bluesnews - screenshots - text file
13.zip 252kb DEATHMATCH (1 on 1 map) - A quick, fast playing 1 on 1 map. lots of curves. screenshots - text file
13b.zip 251kb DEATHMATCH (1 on 1 map) - Another map like 13, very fast playing 1 on 1 map. Lots more curves. screenshots - text file
mice.zip 425kb DEATHMATCH - Something a little different with simple brown textures and a bit of lava. Can even be fun to play :] screenshots - text file
dock5.zip 631kb DEATHMATCH/SINGLE PLAYER - A detailed Quake level. Can be played as DM on Single player. screenshots - text file
tig00.zip 1.38m SINGLE PLAYER PAK - 3 single player maps. This stuff is early Tigger-oN work, I've included this and strom because they are the only single player stuff I've done for Quake. screenshots - text file
strom.zip 3.5m SINGLE PLAYER PAK - My first attempt at single player Quake level design, seven levels in total, not GL-vised. Also the first 1st Quake levels I did. I also edited some of the QuakeC and player models (Plays as a mod). screenshots - text file
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