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Old school - tighl03

I spent a hell of a lot of time on this map compared to almost everything else I've done to date. Some of that time was learning about what can and can not be done with Half-Life, but most was tweaking the level.

There are 2 version of this map, the second version has a few single player bits which dedicated servers do not like much (thats why there are 2 versions), these are things like the skeleton.mdl and stukabats, also the second version has assassin's (added for fun, not for serious play)

Grab Old School hardcore, or check out some stukabats in the second version. (Unsure which one?, get this one)

tighl03 shot 1 tighl03 shot 2 tighl03 shot 3 tighl03 shot 4 tighl03 shot 5 tighl03 shot 6 tighl03 shot 7 tighl03 readme.txt

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