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Quick - tig_qui

Quick is the level that I've been waiting to make since Good Nite (tig_nite). I've lost count of the number of levels I've made but not released between tig_nite and tig_qui, and all I can say is I'm really happy with the way quick finished up.

I've included a Jumbot waypoint file in the zip, just place this with all the Jumbot wayoint files you have and bots will find their way around the map.

Also, I would just like to thank all the people on the tigbeta mailing list for your feedback, without you lot the map would not have that finshed feel i think it now has, - so thank you!

Still reading? - Download Quick and frag the nite away

tig_qui shot 1 tig_qui shot 2 tig_qui shot 3 tig_qui shot 4 tig_qui shot 5 tig_qui shot 6 tig_qui shot 7 tig_qui readme.txt

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