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Good Nite - tig_nite

A lot of this map comes from the great feedback I have received from beta testers and from the Department of Enginnering (no longer a valid site) - Special thank to everyone thats been involved

This map is a small teamplay/FFA level targeted at 2 to 4 players (up to 6 could be ok), more than that and there will be chaos and a big slow down in frame rate. The map is basically 2 bases and a sewer/water way, nothing fancy really.

If you have a small home network or you play work mates at the office on a Friday night, this could be a good map for you. Download it here

tig_nite shot 1 tig_nite shot 2 tig_nite shot 3 tig_nite shot 4 tig_nite shot 5 tig_nite shot 6 tig_nite shot 7 tig_nite readme.txt

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