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More Hunting - tig_hunt

More Hunting was made for a few TFC map comp that were being held in May, in fact I could not believe my luck that there were 2 being held at the same time. More Hunting was entered into both and did really well in the PC Gamer Hunted comp, and came and equal 1st in the Map and a Half comp held by ERC

To say I'm stoked with the results is an understatement.

More Hunting is based on the Hunted level released from Valve, and uses the same TFC entities as that map. Basically, get the Chubby dude to safety, in one piece. If you enjoyed Hunted, you should really like this level. If you didn't think much of Hunted gameplay then you might be best downloading a different map.

Also I would just like to say thank to all my beta level testers for the rush job required on this level, the feedback made the final tweaks feel like I was finishing the level the way it should be, thanks!

Download it here

Server Admins may also need this extra file, as it was not included in the Half-Life dedicated server download.

tig_hunt shot 1 tig_hunt shot 2 tig_hunt shot 3 tig_hunt shot 4 tig_hunt shot 5 tig_hunt shot 6 tig_hunt shot 7 tig_hunt readme.txt

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