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The Bunker - tig_bunk

I was talking to Mr Grime about it Half-Life Deathmatch, and we kind-of came up with the idea of a Bows and Rockets only maps. This map is a prototype for this kind of game, and feedback is more than welcomed. If there is enough interest I'm going to see about writing a simple mod.

Anyway. I like this map, and thats all there is to it. Nice and small and simple and it plays well on a p133 and a pII 300. r_decal 0 is a good setting if you start to get a little slow-down after while of playing on this map. To many decals is not good for framerate :[

tig_bunk shot 1 tig_bunk shot 2 tig_bunk shot 3 tig_bunk shot 4 tig_bunk shot 5 tig_bunk shot 6 tig_bunk shot 7 tig_bunk readme.txt

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