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This is a collection of unfinshed levels and .map files. This section of the site for other mappers.

Feel free to use these .map files however you want. if they do naughty things to your pc, it ain't my fault, you down load these files at your own risk!

These .map files can NOT be used for levels that are released on CD-ROM or any other format that involves a commerical value, they are released here to help people make level and to learn from my mistakes.

tig_bunk - one of my 1st Half-Life levels, this .map file has been released due to request.

download now - just the .map and a .txt file.

tigbunksrc shot 1 tigbunksrc shot 2

tighl04 - never made to the finished stage, why? no real idea, i liked so much about this level, and i spent heaps of time on it, i like the features, i just didn't think it was going to make a fast DM level. I may re-visit this level in the future, maybe as a single-player level maybe as something else.

download now - includes full-compiled .bsp

tighl04beta shot 1 tighl04beta shot 2

tig_ns - Chris "Brick" Willis from the on-hold Navy Seals (Unreal engine based game) got in touch with me a while back and asked me if i might be interested in working/assisiting on a few levels, sent me a screen shot of one, asked me if i could make a copy of the screen shot, as a kind of job interview this is what i came up with. its a bit more than the screen shot, and i still may use it in a SP game, but it does have a cool lift in it someone might like to use

download now - includes full-compiled .bsp

tignsbeta shot 1 tignsbeta shot 2

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